Simply Color Shift in Lightroom Thoughts + Examples


(Originally posted on the Kira DeDecker Photography blog)

Have you read my latest tutorial on how to do a Simple Color Shift in Lightroom? Well you should, mostly because this blog entry makes absolute no sense unless you do.

My final thoughts and experiences on Shifting Color in Lightoom:

So far I’ve had the best success with blues, greens and purples. Yellows are a toss-up.

I’ve had the worst success with pinks/reds. I could shift the color just fine but it also shifted the colors of tongues, noses and skin and the results were…disturbing.

I have not tested it on orange since I don’t have any paper in that color right now. But I would imagine though, that since brown is a common eye color for dogs and people (and a lot of brown has orange in it), that the results could get freaky.

I can typically get the color to shift two complete complimentary hues at the most. Like I said in the last post, if you need to do a custom color PS would probably be a better bet.

On lighter colors I can actually bleach the background. To do so, I increase the color’s luminace and then desaturated that color. If I wanted to do a fake high-key look, I would also follow-up by blowing out the background so it’s completely white blown-out.

Not getting a good uniform color? Take the adjustment brush, select your desired color and brush over the problem area.


January 29, 2014 - 7:07 am

Heidi Anne Morris - beautiful creativeness Kira 🙂 lovely images too x

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