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The Difference Camera Raw Profiles Make

(Originally posted on the Kira DeDecker Photography blog) Camera Raw profiles may seem like a small and boring thing but it can actually make a big impact on your images. Why? Because your Camera Profile affects the color, contrast, saturation, brightness (and more) of your photos! So what camera profile should you use? Whatever works […]

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Turning Brown and Yellow Grass Green in Photoshop

(Originally posted on the Kira DeDecker Photography blog) Here in the Metro-Phoenix area of Arizona, grass is not a natural occurrence. If you’ve never had to the pleasure of visiting Arizona, it could best be described as flat sand covered in concrete. Desert living, eh?! Like I was saying, to grow grass, you need to […]

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Fun with digital re-editing: Part II

Updating my portfolio allows me to take the opportunity to go through and cull a few older shots and add some of my latest work. When I came across this particular image, shot during a trip to Melbourne in February 2010 (here’s the original blog post), I paused for a while and wondered if I […]

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Lightroom Edits vs Photoshop Edits

(Originally posted on the Kira DeDecker Photography blog) As I mentioned in this post, I’m moving most of my post processing workflow from Photoshop to Lightroom. I’ll be honest, it’s really hard to break my Photoshop habit. I’ve been using Lightroom since it first came out, but I already established my post processing workflow in […]

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Simply Color Shift in Lightroom Thoughts + Examples

(Originally posted on the Kira DeDecker Photography blog) Have you read my latest tutorial on how to do a Simple Color Shift in Lightroom? Well you should, mostly because this blog entry makes absolute no sense unless you do. My final thoughts and experiences on Shifting Color in Lightoom: So far I’ve had the best […]

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Simple Color Shift in Lightroom

(Originally posted on the Kira DeDecker Photography blog) For the walkthrough, I’m going to be using Lightroom (*le gasp*)! Yup, this is my first ever all Lightroom tutorial! A recently goal of mine was to start using Lightroom more for my basic workflow. Now, mind you there are still a lot of things that I […]

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