Pet Photography Books

Pet Photography books written by experienced pet photographers, with the professional pet photographer in mind. These books focus on DSLR users as opposed to the casual point-and-shooter.

More books will be added as they hit the market.

Beautiful Beasties- A Creative Guide to Modern Pet Photography, by Jamie Pflughoeft

Publication date: September 11, 2012

from amazon:

The book pet photographers have been waiting for: a comprehensive guide to professional modern pet photography

Everyone who has ever trained their camera on a domestic animal knows how challenging it can be to get great shots of them. These unpredictable ‘beautiful beasties’ won’t hold poses, smile and say “cheese” like a human will, and their erratic movement can have you spinning dials and pushing buttons on your camera so fast it will make your head spin. Whether you are an advanced amateur with a passion for photographing pets, or a professional pet photographer generating revenue with your services, this guide will show you how to create engaging, high-quality, professional pet photos from start to finish.

  • With pet owners comprising more than 62 percent of Americans, pet photography has become a popular trend among photographers, with more and more pet owners wanting to have their furry family member’s mugs captured for posterity.
  • Zeroes in on pet photography as a professional service, and offers advice on how to price, how to brand your business, how to work with clients, build your portfolio, create a solid workflow and develop your own unique style.
  • Explains how to work with animals from a behavioral standpoint, capture engaging expressions, create variety in photo sessions, pick interesting locations, edit for better images, work with multiple animals, photograph pets in a studio, and much more.

As the first serious comprehensive professional guide to pet photography on the market, Beautiful Beasties has what passionate hobbyists and professional photographers need to capture memorable pet photos.

ADDITIONAL CONTENT for Beautiful Beasties: A Creative Guide to Modern Pet Photography

Due to issues with the length of the printed book, the two Appendices had to be cut. The appendices contain a Pet Photography Resources Guide and a Dog Breed Notes guide. Both appendices can be downloaded in PDF form by clicking on the following image or link:

PDF Additional Content for Book.

Pet Photography NOW!: A Fresh Approach to Photographing Animal Companions, by Paul Walker

Publication date: October 7, 2008

from amazon:

For animal lovers, a pet is a member of the family—but one that is much harder to photograph. Capturing an animal’s charm and personality can be an incredibly challenging (even frustrating) exercise, but Pet Photography NOW! makes the job easier. It shows professionals and amateurs alike how to get the best from their subject, whether it comes wrapped in fur, feathers, or scales. Noted expert Paul Walker is an excellent source of practical advice on locations, viewpoints, and posing; how to make your pet behave for the camera; and which camera settings will give you the best results. A chapter devoted to post-production, including step-by-step Photoshop workthroughs, helps you optimize your images to produce stunning prints of your most successful portraits.


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